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Thursday, June 15, 2006

ST (15 Jun 2006) - 'WASTEFUL' PRACTICES BY TOWN COUNCILS: Have panel examine use of public funds

June 15, 2006
Have panel examine use of public funds

I AGREE fully with Mdm Cheryl Lai Oi Lee's comments in the letter, 'Are town councils spending wisely?' (ST, June 3).

I moved to Sengkang two years ago and noticed regular wastage of resources by the town council. I raised my concerns with my MP, yet such actions went on unabated.

Early this year, the town council dug up two nicely landscaped plots with healthy plants and replaced them with plainer ones. Why waste time and money?

In March, it constructed a 1m by 5m pebble patch, covering a 0.5m by 0.5m turfed spot. In doing so, the council turned a common area into a private recessed area for the ground-floor unit beside it. Residents were not consulted on whether they agreed to such a move.

Many of my queries to the Property Manager went unanswered.

Last month, the council cut down a healthy tree in a turfed mini-roundabout and constructed a pebble patch there, then added a railing in the middle of the patch. Three days later, workers came and hacked up the pebble patch.

Needless to say, residents had to put up with all the noise. Now we are left with a railing in a mud patch.
I wonder what other costly experiments are in the works.

There is certainly a need for an independent oversight committee to examine the use of public funds by town councils and to ensure accountability, responsibility and transparency in the use of these funds.

Lau Hwai Eng (Mdm)


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