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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Dirtiest HDB Estates...Eunos Crescent

Eunos Crescent....

Eunos Cresent is autrociously dirty, much more dirty than Hougang, there are food bits, tissue, plastic bags, sanitary pads, rice, water thrown everywhere. The void decks have the stench of rubbish, wet full of mosquitoes and flies. And Eunos Cresent is under Marine Parade GRC.

Car Park in Eunos Cresent
Broken Piano in the void deck
A stray cat
Dirty void deck
Dirty letterbox area

3rd class kopitiam
Drink cartons and food wrappers in the void deck
Plastic bags, bird shit and tissues in the drains
Rubbish that is piled up
Another stray cat


Blogger Mrs. Hema said...

I think most dirtiest place in Singapore is circle line bridge, contract no 423 near macpherson hawker centre. The one side is fullly residential area, more than 20 HDB flats are there and other side 2 big schools such as Macpherson Primary & Canossa Convent Primary Schools are there. This is the only way we have to cross the bridge daily. Morning time say 7 a.m. no one can cross the bridge without vomitting, because it so smelly (urine smell) and very very dirty. Per day more than 200 small childrens are crossing the bridge. So please do the needful arrangements.

2:48 PM  
Blogger wailuwun said...

One of HDB room at Bukit Batok also same. A lot of Cockroach and sometime mouse also can see in the room.
HDB council should be go and check evening time.
Detail of address is below: Blk 332#04-215 Bukit Batok st32.
Room Tenant was Myanmar girl. She rent from Singaporean and re-rent to others tenant.

4:36 PM  

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