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Friday, April 28, 2006

Litter on Jurong East Ave 1 from Jurong Polyclinic to Street 31

Sent to NEA on 28 Apr 2006:

I want to highlight that the skretch of Jurong East Ave 1 from Jurong Polyclinic to Street 31 are littered with paper, water bottles, sweet wrappers etc etc.

Those litters along street 31, I saw it on Mon AM and today Fri AM, the same litters are still there.

Like I said before, it is NEA responsibilities to ensure that the contractor are doing the jobs that they are paid for. Dont waste taxpayers money!

In the above example, it is clear that the contractors did not "cleansed every morning" like have you said, not even once in 5 days!

I wonder ..why...NEA dare not impose liquidated damages or terminate the contracts.

I should not have to write NEA every now and esp for this area is a repeated case which I highlighted in my email dated 1st Mar.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

TNP (27 Apr 2006) - Letter: Cleaners ignored our corridor for 10 years

Cleaners ignored our corridor for 10 years

The New Paper
April 27, 2006

I REFER to the letter, 'Our corridors not cleaned' by Rashid Osman (The New Paper, 14 Apr - see below) who said there was no cleaning for a week.

Our situation is far worse. The corridor outside our flat has not been cleaned for more than 10 years and my wife and I have had to wash the area outside our unit while still paying the service and conservancy charges.

I am a resident of Nee Soon East and have raised this matter with the town council previously.

Once when I saw a worker washing the corridor in our block, I went up to him to ask why my particular floor has been ignored for so long.

He replied that it takes two days to wash the entire block. He added that my mid-level corridor would be washed on Day 2. On that day, no cleaner showed up.

I hope that the town council can set things right.

- Robert Tay

Our corridors not cleaned

I AM a resident of Fajar Road which comes under the Holland-Bukit Panjang Town Council.
Before this, I was a resident of Boon Lay Place.
There the cleaning crew swept the corridor areas every morning.
Not so at mynew place.
I have informed the town council about this three times.
On all occasions, an officer would apologise and assure me that the matter would be put right.
For the past one week, I have noticed that the corridor in my block has not been swept or cleaned.
All residents who pay service and conservancy charges to the town council have the right to expect such a basic cleaning service in the common areas.
- Rashid Osman

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

PSO40/03-2006 Enquiry on 'cleaning' responsibilities of govt agencies

Reply from PS21 on 18 Apr 2006:

Our apologies for the late reply. Please see reply in blue with regards to your query.Regards
PS21, Public Service Division
Prime Minister's Office

To: PS21
cc: Feedback Unit
29 Mar 2006

As me attached email indicates, it can be very frustrating when one can be made to go on a merry-go-round to reach a government department or agency to find out who ultimately is responsible. In my case, it relates to the cleaning responsibility of public areas. When dealing with the NEA previously, I was told certain public drains are under their jurisdiction, but others may be under PUB's jurisdiction. Now,I learn that certain public areas are under town councils (HDB estates only?) while non-HDB estates are under NEA (am I correct?). It is very confusing, to say the least.Therefore, I'd appreciate if you can confirm for me once and for all the following "Cleaning" responsibilities:

1. Which public areas are town councils responsible for?
Town councils control, manage, maintain and improve the common areas of the residential and commercial property in HDB estates and keep them in aproper and clean condition. This means town councils, will, among other things, take charge of:
(a) conservancy;
(b) landscaping;
(c) repairs and replacement of fixtures and fittings; and
(d) the provision of essential maintenance and lift rescue services. Generally, the common areas are open spaces in the public housing estates and areas within the HDB buildings which are shared by residents. They include:
(a) the columns and beams, roofs, corridors, voide decks, staircases and refuse chutes;
(b) the signboards and directional signs; and
(d) the playgrounds and game courts.
However, they do not include those public infrastructures/amenities provided and maintained by other public authorities, such as the public roads, lightings and signages along public roads, drainage reserves, etc which are located within the towns.

2. Which public areas is the NEA responsible for?
NEA maintains all expressways, flyovers, public roads (with street names), roadside tables, roadside pavements & walkways and roadside drains. NEA contractors or workers also empty roadside refuse bins, clear litters from bus and taxi shelters, pedestrian overhead bridges as well as underpasses.The cleansing work is carried out at least once a week. For areas where NEA have observed that it has more litter, the cleansing will be carried outmore frequently.

3. Which public areas is the PUB responsible for?
PUB, as the drainage authority, maintains all major public drains and waterways. However, for smaller drains within public housing estates and along public roads, they are maintained by relevant Town Council and NEA respectively.

4. Which public areas is NParks responsible for?
Nparks maintains roadside greenery (tree pruning, grass cutting, shrub pruning, clears cut branches during pruning and fallen big branches that obstruct the road). NParks also maintains (sweeping and cleaning within itsparks) its parklands. Sweeping and clearing of fallen leaves, twigs, rubbish along public roads and public drains will be taken care of by NEA.

5. Which public areas is URA responsible for?
URAs roadside car parks are cleaned together with the public roads by cleansing contractors engaged by LTA.

6. Which public areas is JTC responsible for?
JTC manages many high-rise and workshop industrial estates, vacant land and some roads located all over the island. There are clear signages to showJTC's ownership of these industrial estates. The carparks, drains and open compounds within these industrial estates are cleaned twice daily to maintain high service standard. Inspections of vacant land under JTC, to prevent illegal dumping are conducted daily while clearing of litter is done fortnightly. The frequency of works is increased where the vacant land is sited near to residential areas. JTC's managed roads & footpaths, mainly located in the industrial areas, are cleaned weekly with desilting

7. Which public areas is LTA responsible for?
LTA washes public structures which they maintain periodically, and these include bus shelters, covered walkways, pedestrian overhead bridges and pedestrian underpasses. However, the daily sweeping of public streets, including these structures are carried out by NEA. In addition, NEA clear rubbish bins found at these structures. There are similar structures which are maintained by other agencies, such as SMRT, SBS Transit, town councils and private developers. These include pedestrian overhead bridges and pedestrian underpasses which link to private buildings and covered walkways which span from HDB flats to bus shelters.

(Note: If I missed out any other government agencies involved in thecleaning of public areas, please include them accordingly. The idea is tocover all public areas' (eg drains, grounds, etc) cleaning routines andresponsibilities. Thanks)While you are at it, can you also let me know how often cleaning is done byeach of the respective bodies above?Thank you for your kind assistance.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Dirtiest HDB Estates...Eunos Crescent

Eunos Crescent....

Eunos Cresent is autrociously dirty, much more dirty than Hougang, there are food bits, tissue, plastic bags, sanitary pads, rice, water thrown everywhere. The void decks have the stench of rubbish, wet full of mosquitoes and flies. And Eunos Cresent is under Marine Parade GRC.

Car Park in Eunos Cresent
Broken Piano in the void deck
A stray cat
Dirty void deck
Dirty letterbox area

3rd class kopitiam
Drink cartons and food wrappers in the void deck
Plastic bags, bird shit and tissues in the drains
Rubbish that is piled up
Another stray cat